The Booking Process:

Once we decide on your perfect date & time, I will send over your contract, questionnaire and invoice for your Creation Fee. You will have 5 days to fill everything out (although it's recommended to get everything all booked immediately, since dates and times are first come first serve!). When you finish your paperwork, then you are all booked! I will then send over our Dream Shoot Planner which will help you prepare for your session.


The Day of your Session: 

The day of your session, you will arrive at your designated time to my home studio in La Verne, CA. We will do introductions and then we will get you into hair & make up! Tiffany, my makeup artist, has been with me for almost a year and she is amazing at what she does!  She will talk to you about what you are envisioning make up wise, offer suggestions, and execute your perfect look! Never be afraid to tell her if you want something changed, she wants you to LOVE it!


The Boudoir Closet:

Here at California Boudoir, we offer an exclusive Boudoir Closet to our clients. We have over 50 pieces to look through and will be adding more daily. We suggest you bring your own outfits to ensure the right fit, but you are more than welcome to look through our collection and borrow anything you would like.


The Shoot:

This is where you may be a little nervous. Guess what? THAT'S OKAY! If you weren't nervous, I'd be a little concerned! You are doing something completely out of your comfort zone, and you do not know what to expect! I can guarantee you that every client before you felt the same way and by the end of their shoot, they were sad it was ending! Once you are all changed and in your first outfit, we will go over the "guidelines" for posing! I pose you EVERY step of the way from your head to your toes, and even down to the way you breathe. I always say the first five minutes will be the awkward part, I promise. After that, you will find your rhythm and everything will be golden! 


Viewing & Ordering Appointment:

Once we complete your boudoir session we will arrange your Viewing & Ordering appointment! Normally we book your Viewing for anywhere between the next day and five days from your shoot. If we chatted about your same day Viewing & Ordering Appointment prior to your shoot, then you will simply go have some coffee, go eat some lunch, go shopping, go home, etc. and come back 2.5-3 hours later to see your final gorgeous photographs and from there we will go over all of the products offered, pricing, and make your final decision on which products or package you would like to purchase!


Information about your session: 

Your creation fee of $99 includes:

• Hair & make up by our wonderful in-house team

• 3 outfits 

• Wardrobe assistance 

• Access to our Client Boudoir Closet

• One hour of shooting 

• Professional editing of all final images

• Your Viewing & Ordering appointment where you will decide which products or package you would like to purchase!

• A life-changing experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your life

• Bragging rights about how beautiful and sexy you are ;)

Your Creation Fee of $99 is due at booking.


PRE-Payment option: 

The most popular payment option! 

You pay as much as you want and as often as you want before your session, and by your Viewing & Ordering appointment, you will be able to use what you have already paid as a print credit! 

For example: If your shoot is 3 months from now and you want to pay $50 every week up until your shoot. ($50 x 4 weeks= $200 for one month. $200 x 3 months = $600 to spend at your viewing!) 

Another example: 

If your shoot is 8 months away and you want to pay $150 a month up until your session then you will have $1,200 to spend at your Viewing & Ordering appointment! 

In your questionnaire, if you fill out that you are interested in the pre-payment option, then we will get you all set up for that!



Payment options: 

We accept all major credit cards; 

• Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover

• Cash

• Check