Hello there, beautiful!

My name is Amanda and I’m the chick behind the lens at California Boudoir. I

transform girls-next-door, maxed-out mamas, and pressured professionals into

sultry sirens. So many women come to me nervous about one flaw or another, a little

desperate to get in touch with their sexuality and femininity. My guess is that

whether you are here for an event or a gift, the bottom line is that you want more

than some drop-dead gorgeous photographs (that’s a given). You want to feel

comfortable. You want to feel sexy in all the right ways. You want to look like a double-cover spread. I’ve got you.

Our daily lives may not be glamorous (on my off-days I’m hauling

my daughter to softball, too!) but together you and I can bring some sparkling

magic. Still a little intimidated? Trust me when I say that I understand. After all,

not much feels as vulnerable as taking your clothes off and having someone

snap pictures. Out of context, it sounds downright weird! But the truth is it’s just

going to be you, me, and the camera – So, what are you waiting for?